Hey I get it… 

You love to capture these special moments of your young ones as they change so incredibly fast. You want to remember them this way forever- laughing in the sun on a beautiful beach day. Their hands fit in yours and you can simply scoop them with a hug.

Before I chased the light on this rock in the middle of the pacific ocean I was taking not so great photos of my own kids as they grew up. They were blurry, terribly lit and the colors were off sometimes but those images have been the greatest gift in my life and I love every single one.

Now I can no longer scoop them up with a hug, but I am so grateful to have these memories tucked away. They remind me how precious those moments are and the love that can be containted in an image. This drives me to help create images that you can look back at and remember what it felt like to hold them in your arms and to see how much they’ve grown.

Like I said, I get it.