Romanticizing the light for a moment…

If you have delved this far into my website then you are a natural light lover. As a natural light photographer myself, I picked some of the most captivating locations I could find on the west side of Maui and for nearly two hours from jungle to lava cliffs to powdered beaches- we get into an adventure. We chase The Light.

How this session came to be...  

In the early 2000’s I found myself moving closer and closer to the ocean before finding a home on Maui and for a long while I lived in Long Beach CA. That is where my first studio was- Downtown Long Beach itself. I learned the lighting meticulously throughout Pine street. 

The ocean center building on Pine has a parking garage that has enormous windows that stream in sunlight at different times throughout the day. In the alley next to the Barber School on 7th there was a peach colored wall and when the sun hit it in the summertime (between June-August) it was beautiful. Skin tones were perfect in camera without editing. And in between 3rd and Broadway there’s a cool brick alley that around 3ish the sun kicked light off an adjacent building and created a spot light that reflected from the window from across the street.

Needless to say I have become OBSESSED with lighting.  

Fast forward to today and I took these lighting techniques I had inadvertently fostered and created an experience/adventure out of it. With Maui's wonderful colors, landscapes and sunsets, it's difficult to not Chase the Light. So that's where you'll find me most sunsets. See you on the beach. Aloha nui loa!